The Seal Launch

September 3, 2008

The seal launch is one of those skills that you probably never practice but is essential to know.  

Don’t be affraid to use your hand to push off the rock. Some times you are launching from a standstill and it is good to incorporate a little rotation into your launch so you don’t drop on your head. You’ll notice in the video that this is one such launch.  When you do push off the lip, pick up with your knees and keep your weight centered.  Leaning onto the back deck almost always results in a faceplant.



Usually you are seal launching into flat, green water. It’s a good idea to try and drop your bow a little bit so you hit the water at more of a 45 degree angle instead of dead flat. Dead flat often results in sore body parts.  This isn’t really an issue with launching from a standstill.

There are hundreds of different seal launches out there and each one really requires its own special technique. Some are into flat water, some are into rapids, some are fast, and some are really slow. It’s a great skill to have and you can almost always find somewhere on your local run to practice.  Practice and experience are the best way to figure out how to consistently stick a seal launch, so get out there and launch yourself, but be safe!