The Boof, pt. 2 – The Eddy Boof

This post continues where Shane left off, going into more detail on the boof. Today we will cover boofing into an eddy. It’s a pretty basic skill, but is slightly modified from the regular straight boof. The approach and stroke are the main differences. Watch and learn…


The Approach – The main difference when boofing straight off a drop and boofing into an eddy is the angle of approach.  The eddy boof has a more angled approach across the lip of the drop so that your momentum is carried in the direction of the eddy.  

The Stroke – The eddy boof requires a longer boof stroke, often finished with a slight stern draw, that creates the momentum necessary to carve into the eddy.  In the above photo of Frankenstein, the paddler is taking a long boof stroke which helps turn the boat into the targeted eddy.  

The Body – The final difference is edge transition.  A regular boof requires a fairly flat hull and no edge transition, whereas an eddy boof requires an edge transition in order to catch the eddy.  Keeping your body weight centered over the boat and landing on a stroke to pull you into the eddy will keep you upright and happy.  The above picture of Sunshine shows the padder weighting the left edge, while the one below shows the same paddler having transitioned more to weighting the right edge so that he can catch the eddy.  

Stay tuned for Shane’s update and even more awesome boof instruction to come…


4 Responses to The Boof, pt. 2 – The Eddy Boof

  1. Sonny says:

    This an awesome instructional video. I’m just curious if I can have your permission to post this link on our website. I know a lot of beginners would benefit from it who are starting to drop waterfalls or creeking. Let me know

  2. whitewaterinstruction says:

    Thanks a lot, glad you enjoy the site. We are going to broaden our scope from just creeking in the future, but we hope to have a lot of river running and creeking instruction on here that people may not ever get from an instructional clinic. Stay tuned!

  3. Hee Haw Jones says:

    I have always said that LVM should do a creek instruction video — it’s got the best footage, many half-decent kayakers (some of these guys you have on LVM will be decent kayakers some day) and the editing skills to make something as entertaining and educationing. If I hadn’t been the first dude in China and been the first dude to paddle a creek, I would have watched something like this. I can’t watch instructional videos now because my sponsors want me out there making them money, but you understand how it is to be a pro. I could, however, show you how to run the rapids you portage,. Good job. Hee Haw over and out.

  4. whitewaterinstruction says:

    All I can say is its a privilege to have you on our site. We worship the ground that you walk and I guess thats everywhere. You are the man and we only hope to some day teach things that you did many years ago.

    your admirer

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